5' x 8'-$  S O L D

2022 Bri-Mar
Rascal w/1 pc.Gate
empty= 1180 lbs
vin# 4073

6' x 10'-$ 6200.00  

2022 Bri-Mar
Empty= 1780 lbs.

also 10,000#gvw
avail: (vin#4176,4193)
$ 6700.00

6' x 12'~Out of Stock !

  • 2022 Bri-Mar
  • 9990#gvw
    Low Profile Dump w/Ramps
    2 5/15" Straight Coupler
  • 6" Channel Main Frame Rails
  • 3" Channel Crossmembers
  • 10 Gauge Steel Floor
  • 20" Fixed Sides (14 Gauge)

7' x 12'-$ 9400.   and  $ 9595.

2022 Bri-Mar Dump
Low Profile
w/Ramps & adjust coupler
and no adjust. coupler avail= $ 9400.00

7' x 14'-$ 12,000.00

2022 Bri-Mar
14,000 # GVW
empty= 3,555 lbs.
Combo gate
w/ ramps
Low Profile

7' x 16'-$ 13,995.00

2022 Bri-Mar
Low Profile w/Ramps

Bri Mar Dump Trailers & Types

Ever wonder what differentiates the types of Bri-Mar Dump Trailers we manufacture? In this video, we cover the standard features, benefits, and everything else you need to see. Find a Dealer here: http://www.bwisetrailers.com/dealers/

lInstalling a Bri-Mar Dump Insert

Bri-Mar Dump Inserts have been available for a long time, with a proven record of quality. In this video, Shawn shows you how installation is done.
Bri-Mar Manufacturing, founded in 1995 in Chambersburg, PA has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic dump trailers in the country.

Dad picking up Bri-Mar Trailers in Chambersburg, PA

Thank you to our very first dealer, Kutz Farm Equipment and Gerald Kutz for 25-years representing Bri-Mar Trailers!

Dump Trailers

Bri-Mar has a dump trailer for almost any application and use. From our R Series for the do-it-yourself homeowner to our LPHD commercial lines.

DTR Low Pro Dump Trailers

01 dump

DTR Low Pro Dump Trailers

7,000-10,000 GVWR

Click for more information.
02 dump

DTR Deck Over Dump Trailers

03 dump

LE Low Pro Dump Trailers

7,000-10,000 GVWR

Click for more information. https://bri-mar.com/trailers/le-low-pro-dump-trailers-7000-10000-gvwr/
04 dump

LE Low Pro Dump Trailers

05 dump

LE Low Pro Dump Trailers

06 dump

DT508LP-5 Dump Trailer

5,000 GVWR

Click for more information. https://bri-mar.com/trailers/dt508lp-5-dump/
07 dump

DT712LPHD-12 Dump Trailer

12,000 GVWR

Click for more information. https://bri-mar.com/trailers/dt712lphd-12-dump/
08 dump

LPHD Low Profile Dump Trailers

12,000 GVWR

Click for more information. https://bri-mar.com/trailers/dt714lphd-14-dump/
08 dump

Dump Trailer | R Series

Bri-Mar R Series dump trailers are designed for the do-it-yourselfer.  The R Series is great for weekend work like gardening and farming.

6 month Warranty
15" Sides
12 Guage Floor
5" Channel

5' x 8'and 5x10 Dump Trailer option:
5' Landscape Gate on single axle Dump Trailer

5x10 in stock
5x10 w/ drive on gate in stock

Add $ 500.00 for Gate to drive up on DUMP TRAILER

Dump Trailer LE Series

Bri-Mar LE Series dump trailers are designed for regular commercial work. The LE Series is built to get the job done.

Heavy Frame
20" Tall Sides
6" Channel
10 Guage Floor
1 yr. Warranty

We Sell Tarp Rollers !

Reason tarp roller20150502 31950 p7sac2
~ We Sell Tarp Rollers !Don't look back and have this be you!
Don't look back and have this be you!