case 1194-$ 4500

3 pt hookup  43 pto hp

1984 ?? diesel w/ power steering 540 pto and 3 point.. would make a nice loader tractor, just traded and it starts easy, drives forward and reverse,  that is about all i know about it now. when i run it thru my shop i will list more and charge more

Steam Engine Replica-$ 8500.00

powered by a John Deere L.A.combine  gas  engine. this unit was build by paul s. nolt of east earl, pa. we added some steam whistles to it. it has an air compressor build on it.

To Start:
1.)Turn gas gas tank inside cabin
2.)Green lever to Left f/Higher R.P.M.'s
3.)24" in front of steering wheel is a gear shift lever
4.)Below steering wheel on floor is a throw-out clutch
5.)Round Green handle left of steering wheel is the REAL CLUTCH !
6.)On right side ENGAGES AIR-PUMP