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We Sell Tarp Rollers !  for DUMP TRAILERS 

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~ We Sell Tarp Rollers !Don't look back and have this be you!
Don't look back and have this be you!

5' x 8'-$ 4760.00  

2024 B Wise
empty= 1185 lbs.
Low profile
w/1 pc. Gate

 6' x 10'-$ 6500.00

2024 B Wise

7,000 gvw

empty=1780 lbs.
one piece swing gate
 5 lug
vin# 4650

6' x 10'-$ 6995.00
2024 BWISE
empty= 1940 lbs
vin# 5580/5581      

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6' x 10'-$6995.00

2024 B Wise

empty=1960 lbs.
one piece swing gate
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6’ x 10’-$ 7995.00-on sale !

2023 B Wise
texture paint
Combo Gate & RAMPS
empty 2160 lbs
vin# 6702

6' x 12'-$ 8250.00

2025 BWISE
Low Profile w/ Ramps
Empty= 2850 lbs.
Vin# 0045

6' x 12'-$ 8500.00

2024 BWISE

9990#gvw  adjustable hitch ring or ball
empty= 2850 lbs
Vin# 4478

new style rear tailgate latch
new style grease caps
new style bed

7' x 12'-$ 8900.00

2024 BWISE
Low Profile
Reg Hitch & Reg Jack
empty=2980 lbs.
Vin# 5088
Vin# 5544

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Thank you to our very first dealer, Kutz Farm Equipment and Gerald Kutz for 29-years representing Bwise Trailers!
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We sell BWISE Trailers

The mission of BWISE is to build innovative products that are of higher quality than the competitors. Brian has put together a team of experienced employees to set the stage for growth with a wide range of trailers for the homeowner, landscaper, contractor, sports enthusiast and farmer.

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About BWISE Trailers

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Dump Inserts

BWise designs a wide variety of trailer categories and models, each one engineered for a specific purpose. In order to help you find the right match for your needs, we have grouped our trailers into similar build-styles, structures, capabilities, and uses. Click on each group for a closer look, then compare models specs and details to help find the right equipment for you.

DI-100 – Dump Insert

Available Models: DI-100

Convert your short or long bed pickup truck into an easy-to-use dump truck with the BWise Dump Insert models. Fit for 6' and 8' truck bed length, these inserts provide a powerful dump trailer solution that fits right in the bed of your current pickup truck.

RECOMMENDED USES: Homeowner, Light Commercial

Channel Frame Low Profile Dump Trailer

01 dt10 10k tandem axle low profile dump
Available Models: DTR3  DTR5  DTR7  DTR10  DT7  DT10  DT12  DT14 

The DT Channel Frame Low Profile Dump Trailers are the go-to low profile dump models for your homeowner and light duty commercial projects. With standard features to keep your dump trailer hauling projects moving easy and efficiently.

GVWR:  2,990 - 14,000 LBS RECOMMENDED USES: Homeowner, Landscapers, Light Commercial/Contractor

Tube Frame Deckover Dump Trailer

02 dlp15 15k tandem axle low profile dump
Available Models: DLPX5  DLPX12  DLPX14  DLP10  DLP15  DLP17  DLP21 

Perfect for commercial and landscape projects, the DLP Tube Frame Low Profile Dump Trailers provide a lower bed clearance for easier loading of cargo, and a frame construction that provides medium to heavy duty hauling capacity and strength. Standard ramps make the DLP family of dumps ideal for equipment hauling needs too.

GVWR:  5,000 - 21,000 LBS RECOMMENDED USES: Landscapers, Junk Haulers, Construction, Commercial, Equipment Transportation

Channel Frame Deckover Dump

03 ddr7 7k light duty deck over dump
Available Models: DDR7  DDR10

When looking for a dump trailer with more ground clearance, look at the options available with one of DDR Channel Frame Deckover Dump Trailer Models. A good fit for home owner and odd job applications.

GVWR: 7,000 - 9,990 LBS RECOMMENDED USES: Homeowners, Junk Hauler, Light Duty Commercial Projects, Firewood Hauling

Tube Frame Deckover Dump Trailer

04 dd15 15k deck over dump trailer
Available Models: DD10  DD15 

A deckover dump trailer that offers more strength with a tube frame design, provides more dump trailers to meet the needs of today's commercial customers. Offering a wide range of sizes and payload capacities, the DD Tube Frame Deckover Dump Trailers Models are a great family of trailers for your business' hauling needs.

GVWR:  9,990 - 15,400 LBS RECOMMENDED USES: Junk Hauler, Construction, Medium Duty Commercial Projects

I-Beam Frame Deckover Dump Trailer

05 ddb23 23k tandem dual deck over dump
Available Models: DDB23 

When hauling the heavy loads, a premium engineered I-Beam frame sets the DDB Models apart in the Deckover Dump Trailers market. From gravel and construction debris to bulky clean up that requires a lot of cubic capacity - the DDB I-Beam Frame Models provide more strength and capability to give you more hauling power.

GVWR:  23,000 - 25,990 LBS RECOMMENDED USES: Junk Hauler, Construction, Heavy Duty Commercial Projects

Ultimate Dump Trailer

06 du15 15k ultimate dump trailer
Available Models: DU15  DU17 

The Ultimate Dump Trailers from BWise are engineered to be the best in class for your heavy duty hauling needs. Designed with hydraulic systems in place including hoist, jack, and ramp/gate - the Ultimate Dump Trailer models give you power and features to handle any job with ease. Our DU family of trailers are a 'must have' for commercial landscape, hardscape and construction customers.

GVWR:  15,400 - 17,600 LBS RECOMMENDED USES: Equipment Transportation, Junk Hauler, Construction, Heavy Duty Commercial Projects